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Our bodies are complex, but one thing that works for everybody is eating a healthy diet! The things that you eat have a direct effect on your oral health. You’ve heard about all the ways that sugar can affect your teeth, but have you heard any alternative healthy suggestions?

Filling your diet with anti-inflammatory foods is a great way to reduce gingivitis causing bacteria. Inflammation causes tissues in the mouth to become sore and red.

Periodontal Disease and your Diet

Periodontal disease encompasses both gingivitis and periodontitis. These are inflammatory diseases that lead to damage to your gums and the bone levels around your teeth. Periodontitis often doesn’t cause any pain or problems until it has reached an advanced stage which makes your biannual exams very important.

Periodontitis can cause problems in both your mouth and your body. Infections and bacteria in your mouth can easily travel through your bloodstream. It is especially important for those at risk for heart attacks to receive their regular cleanings to avoid possible complications from problems in their mouth. Eating anti-inflammatory foods in conjunction with regular dental cleanings is a great way to get your mouth back to good health!

So what should I eat?

Increasing foods such as fruits, vegetables, dietary fiber, lean sources of protein, high-quality fatty acids, water, and even spices such as ginger, curry, and turmeric is a great way to benefit your overall health. People who eat foods such as these in the long term are seen to have less problems with their overall health.

What should I avoid?

Many processed foods contain trans fats, unhealthy saturated fats, and refined sugars. These foods along with simple carbohydrates have been found to contribute both to inflammation and dental cavities.

If you want to learn more about food groups or what is in your food you can visit or ask your hygienist at your next dental checkup!